Last week on “MINs in Space” (our recorded weekly audio-only chat on Space) we talked with entrepreneur and startup advisor/supporter Antonio Dixon about his work at SolarFi. Dixon is one of the co-founders and a director at SolarFi, creators of the Privé pods.

Privé pods are small structures made from fully transparent and safe polycarbonate and are made with 100% recycled materials. They also come equipped with solar panels, HEPA filters, ventilation, fans, and heat. The solar power provides the pods with convenient charging stations and Bluetooth capabilities. Five different sizes can accommodate anywhere from 2 to 15 people.

While some startups struggled during the pandemic, SolarFi came into its own. The company has been helping restaurants like New York’s Eataly and Boston’s Rosa Mexicano bring back dining. The structures provide a comfortable and safe way to eat out even during a Northeast winter.

Prive podThe original idea for SolarFi came from a poverty-focused project at MIT, seeking options for low-cost housing and retail. And then the pandemic hit. The SolarFi concept evolved and expanded with the pandemic. We had a great conversation with Dixon about the genesis of company and where it is heading from here.