Usually I tell people to turn to the Mass Innovation Nights blog if they missed an event but it's going to be really hard to capture the super-cool goings on at MIN 64 in The Arsenal in Watertown in athenahealth's glorious space here. But I'll give it a try!

  • First off — awesome getting out the health-oriented community by athenahealth and MedTech Boston.  And great to see our MassInno community "regulars" supporting local innovation!
  • athenahealth's More Disruption Please! campaign is kickin'!  If you were there last night, you heard it FIRST at Mass Innovation Nights.  The athenahealth More Disruption Please (MDP) program will be bringing out a network, a marketplace and an accelerator!  The network will consist of innovative thinkers, entrepreneurs, and startups with a shared mission to improve the state of health care.  There will be conferences, hackathons, and other events all designed to encourage thought leadership and collaboration across the continuum of care. Watch them!  They're HOT!
  • Watertown is a happening place!  I've always said it is a great location, easily accssible by our 'burb dwellers and workers, AND Bostonians and Cantabridgians.  There are great companies there like athenahealth who are building up a tremendous innovation community.  Even though the Arsenal location was HUGE (and could have swallowed whole 10 MINs), we still assembled a terrific crowd who enthusiastically put their networks to work for the innovators launching.
  • We had 10 awesome new products to launch and what a varied group they were!  We had apps, physical products, video services and more, oh my!
  • And finally, the winners of the American Airlines Business Extra points are Slingamp, Making Care Better, and Know My Patient from Nightingale Apps, winning 2,000 points each, and O-Rings from Increment taking the grand prize of 5,000 points! Thanks to everyone who voted!

Check out the tweets we collected from the event.  One of the first blog posts logged is from one of our Google Glass explorers!  (How do you know when you are running a cool event?  Google Glass wearers attend!)  Videos, blog posts (like this one from our regular blogger/photographer extraordinaireTech Writer Janet and the MedTech Boston roundup) and more…