It's only fitting that our Featured MINovator this week offers easy access to data from HubSpot.  Demand Sage, started by two of Localytics founders, Raj Aggarwal and Henry Cipolla, gives everyone access to enterprise level Business Intelligence (BI). (Oh my, those words take me back to my Cognos days – ed. comment by Bobbie.)  Demand Sage takes data from HubSpot and connects to Google Sheets. 

And why is it fitting that we should be featuring Demand Sage today? Because INBOUND2020 starts tomorrow! INBOUND is HubSpot's annual gathering of the marketing elite and this year promises that same value and excitement, even if we're physically separated. INBOUND2020 is an immersive, interactive digital experience with an amazing line up of speakers.

But back to Demand Sage…there's gold hidden in your data – marketing gold, sales gold. There's business value in your data if you can figure out how to extract it.  And extracting that gold…er, data and the accompanying insights, shouldn't take a programmer. Let the small and medium sized companies compete with the large enterprises. Demand Sage is a Google Sheets add-on and you can get started for free. The company offers a number of free pre-built reports including Win-Loss Analysis, Time in Pipeline Stages and KPIs Over Time. This is the kind of tool that every marketer, entrepreneur and business manager needs.

You can also support Demand Sage on Product Hunt.